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Some Like It Not
Season 01, Episode 05
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Air date May 16, 2017
Written by William H. Brown
Directed by Tanya Hamilton
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Prelude to a Diss
Found in Translation
Surprise! Happy birthday, Paige.

Some Like It Not [1] is the fifth episode of the first season of Famous in Love. It aired on May 16, 2017.


Paige's 21st birthday and all she wants to do is celebrate with her two best friends, but her friendship with Jake is still on the rocks after his getaway with Alexis. Rainer surprises everyone when he throws Paige a surprise birthday party, but things don't turn out as expected when Jake arrives late.

Meanwhile, Jordan and Tangey renew their relationship in secret; Tangey is tired of controlled by her momager and fires back.

Episode Summary

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  • Jason Antoon as Wyatt Lippman
  • Tom Maden as Adam
  • Vanessa Williams as Ida Turner
  • Bellina Logan as Prof. Sandra Hawkins
  • Jennifer Rhodes as Letti Devon
  • Tanjareen Thomas as Brandy Michaels

  • Trivia

    • It is titled "Three Amigos" on Live TV, which refers to the trio that is Paige, Jake and Cassandra, but is titled "Some Like It Not" on Hulu, Freeform app, and Freeform On Demand. 
    • It also became available on Freeform's app and website and Hulu for binge watching after the premiere of the pilot episode.