What, you're just gonna hate your best friend now that I-I got it?
Paige to Cassandra
Secrets & Pies
Season 01, Episode 07
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Air date May 30, 2017
Written by Miguel Ian Raya
Directed by Roger Kumble
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Secrets & Pies is the seventh episode of the first season of the Freeform drama Famous in Love. It is set to air on May 30, 2017, but is also available on Freeform's app and website and Hulu for binge watching.


Thinking it would help Cassie's financial problems, Paige offers her a job as her assistant. When Cassie declines, issues in their friendship are revealed. Plus, Jake starts to learn the realities of what it means to sell a script in Hollywood, and Alexis embraces her role as Producer on the project. Meanwhile, Jordan's problems continue to mount as he learns Brandy needs more money, and Barrett Hopper reveals to him that he knows the truth about his and Brandy's past.

Episode Summary

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  • Ben Higgins as Self
  • Lauren Bushnell as Self
  • Rosie Moss as Diner Waitress