Raige is the romantic relationship between Rainer Devon and Paige Townsen. [1] It is the central relationship of the series.

They truly care for one another a lot, and rely on each other for support. While they are not dating officially, they have very serious chemistry and very deep feelings for each other, and have kissed several times, mostly while filming Locked.

Throughout the Series

In "Pilot", Rainer was mesmerized the moment he laid eyes on Paige. It was the day of the open auditions for the role of August Roch for the adapted movie, Locked, to which Cassie dragged Paige with her to the auditions. Rainer was inside the building, looking out the window at the long line of girls, who were there to audition for the role, when he spotted Paige not far from the window, throwing her hands up in the air, in excitement after auditioning. He smiled as he looked at her, liking the energy she projected.

Later on, Paige wowed the producers that they called her back to read with one of the leading men of the film: former child star and resident Hollywood bachelor, Rainer Devon. She entered the room to find Rainer along with the producers, Nina among them, seated at the front. Paige got really nervous, so Rainer asked if he can pinch her, but she declined. He smiled, finding her stuttering endearing. The impatient producer asked if they could start. Rainer told him to give him a few seconds and asked Paige if he could tell her something. He leaned in to whisper something in her ear, and she thanked him in a whisper. He told her they got this, and she agreed. They got in character and began acting. At the end, they ended the scene with a long kiss. The production team were speechless. 

After the scene they acted out, Paige decided to excuse herself and head over to her friend's play. She was on the phone as she entered her yellow car, when Rainer caught up with her. He tried to ask her out on a date later on, but she said that she had to meet up with her friends, to which her friend, Cassandra said on the other side of the phone that she should definitely go. Paige relented and ended going to a restaurant, where they engaged in a conversation over some food.

In "A Star is Torn",

In "Not So Easy A", Rainer asked Paige out on their first official date with his signature "girlfriend necklace", making Paige feel like she's nothing special. Paige turned him down, and told him that they should wait before they start dating. During the shooting of a kissing scene between August and Noah, their real feelings shone through and they continued kissing even after the scene's "CUT" was announced. Rainer told her later that he felt the chemistry, and he knew she felt it too. It was beyond acting, but Paige refused to acknowledge this as she smiled and walked away.

In "Some Like It Not", Rainer threw Paige a surprise birthday party.

In "Fifty Shades of Red", after Rainer's breakdown in, Paige is there for Rainer and supports him while he gets through his battles, and especially the press conference.

In "Leaving Los Angeles", Rainer is silently begging Paige to tell the press they're dating just as Jake interrupts the duo's press conference to declare his love for her, creating a love triangle between the three of them.





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