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Paige Townsen is the main character and female heroine on Famous In Love. She is portrayed by Bella Thorne.

When Paige gets cast in the movie adaptation of a blockbuster book series, Locked, her life changes practically overnight. Within a month, Paige has traded the quiet streets of her hometown for a crowded movie set on the production lots of Hollywood and must learn to navigate her new star-studded life. She soon finds herself stuck between two guys, Jake Salt, her childhood best friend and Rainer Devon, the famous Hollywood actor.

Early Life

Paige Townsen grew up in California with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Townsen. She met Cassandra Perkins and Jake Salt in the freshman year at California Metro University. At some point, later on, the friends moved in together in an apartment. Paige she grew to harbor romantic feelings for Jake, which she dared not reveal. Unknown to Paige, Jake also shared the held the same romantic feelings for Paige, something Cassie notices.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

Just before daybreak, there sat Paige, alone in private jet as a female airline attendant asked her to move back her seat for landing. Soon after, Paige arrived at the airport, walking towards the exit, flanked by two security guards and wearing sunglasses with a hood. One of her men asked her if she was ready, to which she replied "Let's do this". They opened the doors for her as a mob of paparazzi frantically crowded her and took pictures of her. Questions were thrown at her as she was escorted through the flashing mob: "Who are you dating?", "Hey, any personal comment about your personal life?", "Is this going to interfere with the movie?", "Why did Rainer walk off set?". She made it to her car and took off her sunglasses and the hood. Her driver closed his door and welcomed her home. She thanked him by his name, Derek, and later picked up a magazine lying next to her, analyzing the cover. She put it back, exposing the front with a picture of her on the cover of US Weekly.

1 Year Ago

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Paige is a sweet, loyal and caring person. This is explored by the fact that she is kind to the people she knows and meets, as well as she refuses to take on her new life as a star without the support and company of her two friends, Jake and Cassandra. Paige regards all her loved ones, along with their well-beings and feelings, with high value. She is also noted to be a very nervous person as she struggles to express her inner thoughts, often resorting to stutters and babbles. Paige, due to her role in the movie, is also quite stressed, because of trying to juggle both her academic priorities and her newfound acting career.

Physical Appearance

Paige is a young adult with a slim body shape. One of her most noticable features is her wavy auburn hair. She also has dark brown eyes, full lips and pale skin. In addition, Paige is fashionable as well. Her attire consists of modern colorful clothes that show off her slender figure.


Rainer Devon

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Paige and Rainer's first kiss

Rainer saw Paige out the window of the studio after her audition, fist bumping, and smiled, showing an obvious crush. Rainer has very strong feelings for Paige, and Paige feels the same. He is quick to defend her when he sees that she's uncomfortable.  

Rainer and Paige almost kissed whilst Rainer was walking Paige Townsen home, however, they were unfortunately interrupted by Paige's father, showing their true deep feelings for each other.[1]

Jake Salt

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Jake and Paige are best friends and roommates along with Cassie. Jake and Paige both have a crush on each other and have had a few romantic moments and a kiss. In the season finale, Jake shows up at an interview for the cast of Locked and tells Paige about how he feels. They are currently in a relationship. She then cheats on Jake with high school sweetheart Eddy.

During season 2, we can see Jake and Paige dating.

But They break up and on the last episode of season 2 (The last season) Paige and Rainer Kiss.


Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Pilot Appears
A Star is Torn Appears
Not So Easy A Appears
Prelude to a Diss Appears
Some Like It Not Appears
Found in Translation Appears
Secrets & Pies Appears
Crazy Scripted Love Appears
Fifty Shades of Red Appears
Leaving Los Angeles Appears
Season Two
Episode Appearance Status
The Players Appears
La La Locked Appears
Totes On A Scandal Appears
The Kids Aren't All Right Appears
Reality Bites Back Appears
The Goodbye Boy Appears
Guess Who's (Not) Coming to Sundance? Appears
Look Who's Stalking Appears
Full Mental Jacket Appears
The Good, the Bad and the Crazy Appears


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"Let's do this," Paige in Pilot to Bodyguard

"You guys make me the banker for a reason. it's called making rent!" Paige in Pilot to Cassandra Perkins

"Fine, but if we're doing Mexican, we're springing for extra guac," Paige in Pilot to Jake Salt and Cassandra Perkins

"Cassie! Come on, my parents would be so unhappy if they found out I was spending my time auditioning for stuff instead of actually studying!" Paige in Pilot to Cassandra Perkins



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