I need you to go back to your own time.
Rainer as Noah

Noah Grier is a character from the fictional book series, Locked, that exists in the world of Famous In Love. In the series, Rainer Devon is given the role of Noah.

Television series

Season 1

Prelude to a Diss

August (Paige Townsen) and Noah (Rainer Devon) talk about "last night", and she asks if that was their "goodbye", instead of their beginning. Noah and August argue, and she asks him how he could pretend they were going to have a future together. Noah tells August that she must go back to her own time, and gives her one final goodbye kiss.

Crazy Scripted Love

Rainer and Paige film a heartbreaking scene in this episode, where August (Paige Townsen) is forced to lose her children, and Noah (Rainer Devon) must stay behind and take care of them alone.

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