You promised me you'd tell him when he turned 18. And then, when he turned 18, you said you'd do it when he turned 21. Nina, he turns 23 next month.

Letti Devon is an episodic character on Famous In Love, and the grandmother of Rainer Devon. She is portrayed by Jennifer Rhodes.

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Letti is keen on Rainer finding out the truth, reasoning that the lie will catch up to Nina when Rainer finds out from another that she'd been keeping him from his father all this time. She is quite insistent upon revealing the truth, because she believes it is better than keeping the burden her whole life.

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Season 1Edit

Letti calls Nina Devon to ask when she will be telling Rainer the truth about who his real father is. She tells her that Nina promised to tell him at 18, then 21, and still hasn't told him ahead of his 23rd birthday.[1]


Season 1Edit

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