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Ida Turner is a recurring character and one of the primary antagonists of the first and second season of Famous In Love. She is a manipulative and controlling person who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She is the mother and former "mom-ager" of Tangey Turner, until Tangey fired her and Ida moved on to helping Alexis create a reality show, Alexiliciousbut Alexis soon realizes it's more than she bargained for when Ida forces her to betray her friendship with Tangey and give up her morals - all for fame.

She is portrayed by Vanessa Williams.


After Tangey wants to try something new, and is barred from doing so, she fires her controlling "momager". Following this, Ida makes her life impossible by having all of her bank accounts frozen. Tangey responds by saying she'll sue Ida with every penny she has, because it will be worth it to be free from her.

Later on, Ida tries to make amends with her daughter and be kinder and more understanding to her, even though Tangey refuses to allow Ida to be her manager again. She starts by introducing a famous country artist to Tangry, indicating she has accepted her daughter's wishes to venture into that music genre. She also tries to help Tangey get back her movie role in Locked by making deals with Nina Devon, which she succeeds at doing.


Ida comes off as a serious, sassy, and strict person. She is manipulative and controlling of her daughter, and wants to be in charge of everything her daughter does. She is not supportive of any decisions Tangey might make, and only ever has criticism to offer. However, the reason for her overbearing nature comes from what she believes is in the best interest for her daughter and her music career, but never takes into account Tangey's own feelings and desires.

When she is fired, Ida finally understands how serious Tangey is of making her own career as an actress and country artist, so she starts to fully support her decisions afterwards, despite Tangey not wanting her as her manager again.


Season 1 (7/10)

Season 2 (2/10)


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