Georgina Davis is a character in the Famous In Love book series. She is the star of a CW show called "Aliens", and is dating her co-star Blake. She is Alexis's best friend.


Georgina is an energetic, and funny person, but can also be slightly manipulative. She knows what she wants and she'll go out and get it. She is very used to the Hollywood lifestyle and enjoys the perks, but constantly complains about the problems of being on a TV show and the very few breaks it gets.

Book Series

Alexis brings Paige to Georgina's place for suntanning by the pool, where they talk about what's going on in their lives, and are there for each other throughout hard times. They shows Paige the ropes of Hollywood, showing her how not to appear badly in front of paparazzi, and how to create a positive public image.


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