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Freeform, formerly known as ABC Family,  is a cable channel owned by Disney ABC Cable Networks. It was originally founded in 1977 as The CBN Cable Network by Evangelical minister Pat Robertson, as extension to his television ministry, over time the network started airing less and less religious programming. In 1988 to reflect, the change in format, the channel changed its name to The Family Channel. By the year 1990, CBN spun off the network, because it had grown too profitable for the ministry. In 1997, News Corporation, owners of the Fox television network and Saban Entertainment bought the network and changed the network to Fox Family Channel the next year. In 2002, ABC bought the channel and gave it the name ABC Family . It was rebranded under its current name on January 12, 2016.

It broadcasts Famous In Love, the TV series adaptation of Rebecca Serle's best-selling book series with the same name.

Original Programming

Title Premiere date Current season
The Fosters June 3, 2013 4
Shadowhunters January 12, 2016 2
Beyond January 2, 2017 1
Famous in Love April 18, 2017 1
Baby Daddy June 20, 2012 6
Young & Hungry June 25, 2014 5
Cheer Squad August 22, 2016 1
The Letter October 11, 2016 1
The Twins: Happily Ever After? March 20, 2017 1
Truth & Iliza May 2, 2017 1
Marvel's November 16, 2016 1
Oh My Josh! November 22, 2016 1
School of Doodle January 2017 1
Open Roads January 2017 1
Time for Bed with Punam Patel January 2017 1
My Boyfriend is a Robot February 10, 2017 1

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