This page features all episodic characters from each season of Freeform's Famous In Love. It was created for the characters that appeared on the show; however, they received minor roles essentially which prevented them from receiving a main page.

Season 1


Cindy is an episodic character on Famous in Love, who made her only appearance in Pilot. She is portrayed by Alex Elliott.

Just before daybreak, our protagonist, Paige Townsen, was looking out of the window of a private jet as a female airline attendant asked her to move back her seat for landing. Paige consented, but then the attendant, saying if it was no trouble, asked for an autograph. Paige asked to whom, to which the woman responded, "Cindy". She signed it and handed the paper to Cindy, who then left. Paige continued to look out the window.


Tommy is an episodic character on Famous In Love, who made his only appearance in Pilot. He is portrayed by David DeSantos.

Nina arrived at a trendy patio restaurant named Lloyd's to see Barrett Hopper. She approached and greeted Tommy, who was the restaurant's host. Tommy told her that he remembers the days when Barrett used to come in here to get her lunch. Nina walked over to Barrett's booth and pushed him off his seat and into the next one, while Tommy watched bemusedly.


Francine is an episodic character on Famous In Love, who made her only appearance in "A Star is Torn". She is portrayed by Vivian Bang.

Francine is Paige's personal stylist for the Locked movie set. She is a very kind and bubbly personal stylist who loves what she does and has a great sense of fashion.

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