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Dakota Nichols is an episodic character on Famous In Love. She is portrayed by Ana Mulvoy-Ten.

Dakota is a famous actress in Hollywood. She is a closeted-lesbian character and made her only appearance in Pilot, where she briefly dated Alexis Glenn

Throughout the Series

Dakota came into the studio to audition for the role of August and was quickly praised by Nina and the casting crew. They thanked her for coming in and she returned the gesture by thanking them back for getting her out of lunch with her mother. She was promised the role by Nina, however, she would have to "play out" the audition, to which she happily agreed to.

After the auditions, sitting alone in a bar, Dakota was handed a drink by the restaurant host, Tommy. She feared she didn't get the part but was told by the restaurant host that she was still in the running alongside Alexis, who was the one that ordered her the drink. Upon hearing this, she furiously turned around, seeing Alexis looking at her from across the bar, and poured out the drink that Alexis bought for her, angrily. Alexis' smile faltered.

Later on, Dakota visited Alexis at her apartment, where she stopped her from excessively drinking. Choosing to stay silent, she listened as Alexis told her that she had every right to be mad, as Alexis hated herself for cheating on her. They then made out, supposedly reconciling. [1]

It is revealed that they later broke up, and likely, not amicably, as Alexis called her a bitch. [2]


Dakota is described as talented, confident and charming. However, when she believes Alexis cheated on her with Jordan Wilder, she loses contact with her out of anger. That anger causes her to purposely spill a drink Alexis orders her in Lloyd's restaurant. Nevertheless, Dakota still cares about her, as she doesn't want Alexis to continue to drink and decided to take her back after Alexis admits she's ashamed of herself for cheating on her.

Physical Appearance

Dakota is of athletic and slim build, with a tall height. She has golden blonde hair and blue eyes with a sharp face.


Season 1


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