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Cassandra Perkins is a main character on Famous In Love. She is portrayed by Georgie Flores.

Cassandra is Paige's close friend and roommate since the 9th grade. She is a drama major at California Metro University and has always loved acting, especially since her mother was Katheryn Perkins, an actress on a late night soap opera. 

Cassandra urges Paige to audition for the Locked movie with her during the open call, and can't help but feel jealous when Paige, who has never auditioned for a movie before, gets the part immediately, and she has to watch Paige live out her own dreams.

Early Life

Cassandra was born to Katheryn Perkins, an actress on a late night soap opera. When her mother received an Emmy for her performance, seven-year-old Cassie fell asleep before Katheryn won and gave her speech. She has regretted it since, despite it wasn't her fault. Her mother died from cancer when she was nine.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

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Cassandra is Paige's caring friend, and they have supposedly known each other since freshman year. Cassie always dreamed of becoming an actress and went to many auditions without any success. After she convinces Paige to audition for her first time ever, and she gets the part in a huge movie, Cassie is visibly jealous and hurt that Paige was able to get a huge role "so easily" while Cassandra failed. This caused a divide between them that slowly progressed through the season.

Cassie doesn't come from as much money as Paige nor does she have a high-paying acting gig to rely on for tuition, but what Cassie does have is a strong work ethic. Unable to make ends meet as a full-time student, Cassie found a less-than-savory way to pay her bills. However, it's soon revealed that Cassie isn't a sex worker, as was implied -- she's a topless maid. She also pawns everything she owns that may be of any value, including the bracelet that was a gift from Paige. 

When Paige finds out about her cash crisis, she confronts her and tries to be supportive, but instead, they fight. Cassie tells her that she's upset that Paige just walked into her first ever audition and got the part, when Cassie had been trying for years without any luck. They were able to somewhat fix their relationship after they voiced their thoughts, but Cassie wanted to move out of the apartment and get out of Paige's shadow. 

However, Cassie then does very well on an audition for a commercial, and is very happy about it, which seems to suggest that things may be starting to go her way.

Physical Appearance

Cassie has an average height with a slim figure. She has dark brown hair with golden highlights, the color of fallen leaves browned and sleek with the first rain of autumn. Along with that, she has dark eyes, a straight nose, and pink plump lips. She also has a light tan complexion, and her hair is mostly in large curls that reach her shoulders.


Paige Townsen

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Paige and Cassandra are best friends. They have known each other since freshman year at California Metro University. Along with Jake Salt, the three make a trio, which they call themselves "The Three Amigos".


Season 1


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