We can’t forget the past, Noah. Because that’s saying it never happened. And that’s a lie.
Paige reading lines as August

August Roch is a character from the fictional book series, Locked, that exists in the world of Famous In Love. In the series, Paige Townsen is given the role of August Roch.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

Paige Townsen and Cassandra Perkins both audition for the role of August Roch after the "open audition" is announced. Originally, the role is planned for either Dakota Nichols or Alexis Glenn, but is given to Paige after her incredible chemistry with both Rainer and Jordan during the auditions. [1]

Paige is introduced as the actress who will portray August to the press. [2]

August (Paige Townsen) and Noah (Rainer Devon) talk about "last night", and she asks if that was their "goodbye", instead of their beginning. Noah and August argue, and she asks him how he could pretend they were going to have a future together. Noah tells August that she must go back to her own time, and gives her one final goodbye kiss. [3]

Rainer and Paige film a heartbreaking scene in this episode, where August (Paige Townsen) is forced to lose her children, and Noah (Rainer Devon) must stay behind and take care of them alone. [4]

August (Paige Townsen) and Maggie (Alexis Glenn) walk through the streets, while August explains how she feels about Noah (Rainer Devon). She feels guilty for betraying Ed (Jordan Wilder), but is in love with Noah and asks her sister for help.[5]


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