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Alan Mills is a recurring character in Famous In Love. He is portrayed by Shawn Christian.

Alan becomes the new head of Gold Brothers Studios, and in charge of the Locked movie. It was later revealed that he is the real father of Rainer Devon.


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Alan is known to be quite arrogant, and cunning, but can also be charming. He also seems to be a cheapskate, which is shown when he makes Nina cut 3 million dollars from the already tight movie budget.

However, he does have a softer side that he keeps under wraps, which is shown when he and Nina talk about their past. Upon meeting Rainer, he is shown to have a friendlier side around him.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

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A Star is TornEdit

At Lloyd's, Nina is eating and on her iPad when Alan notices her. He comes over and asks if she's eating a Cobb salad out of the remains of her latest victim. This is the start of a battle of snarky, witty and sarcastic replies. Nina returns the witt and comments that they'll let anyone in the restaurant these days. Alan returns the insult and says how much her project "The Bombshells" lost the studio. He sits down and Nina asks her what he wants. He replies he wants his film back. Nina fires back and says it was never his film. He retorts, saying she stole the rights and she knew it. She admits she could have been playing dirty, but it wasn't the first time and certainly won't be the last. Alan says she knows how this business works - because he taught her. Nina says she forgot to thank him. He says she was such a bitch, but she challenges him and says if that's the best he can do. Alan says he can't believe Nina was such a hot piece of ass. Nina fires back and says it was one of the requirements of being his assistant. Alan finishes the battle by saying it still is. After some moments of silence, Nina says that unless he's buying her lunch, they're done here. Alan contradicts her and says they're just getting started. He wishes her a good lunch and leaves, with Nina staring back at him.

Later, at Nina's office, Alan arrives and says her assistant isn't at her desk, probably picking up her Boniva prescriptions. She asks if she needs to call security. Alan tells her sure, and to tell them her new boss is here. A shocked Nina turns around. Alan tells her he's the new head of Gold Brothers, and that he's going to have a lot of fun making her life a living hell.


Season 1Edit


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